Firefighter Equipment, Uniform, & Vehicle Cleaning Services

Studies have shown that firefighter turnout gear and PPE that gets coated with toxic agents from the fireground can continue to transfer and off-gas contaminants long after the incident has ended.  In order to get these contaminants safely removed from gear and PPE,  fire departments often have to ship their gear out of state or use local facilities that are not equipped to properly remove all the hazardous contaminants.

Servicemaster by Fuson invested in special equipment for successfully removing contaminants from fire equipment and vehicles while making the process easier, faster and less expensive for Fire Departments.

The benefits for having Servicemaster by Fuson clean firefighter equipment, uniforms, and vehicles are:

  • 24 to 48 hour turnaround time (compared to 5 to 7 days if shipped out of state)
  • Pick up and drop off of uniforms and equipment with no additional charge
  • Clean Equipment, Uniforms, and Vehicles
  • Vehicles can be cleaned on-site at your convenience
  • Free Contaminant Test to see if your current cleaning methods are effective.

Call (989) 220-1392 today to get your equipment tested for contaminants or discuss how we can make the cleaning of your firefighter equipment easier, faster and more effective for your department. Fire Equipment Cleaning Michigan Firefighters can trust. We also offer these services to Fire Departments from the following counties: Midland, Bay, Saginaw, Gladwin, Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Roscommon.

Get Your Fire Department’s Equipment Tested for Toxic Contaminants for Free

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Firefighter Equipment Cleaning

ServiceMaster by Fuson uses the Fireline Cleaning system. This system is designed to thoroughly clean contents affected by soot damage, smoke damage, and other contaminants. This state-of-the-art, stainless steel construction delivers ultimate durability and efficiency while utilizing the latest advancements in ultrasonic technology. Fireline provides consistent, high-quality cleaning results and high-volume production.

This process of cleaning enables us to quickly and efficiently clean your equipment, cutting down on turnaround time so you are not in a situation where you do not have enough equipment.

To find out more about our firefighter equipment cleaning services, Contact ServiceMaster by Fuson today. (989) 220-1392.

Firefighter Uniform Cleaning

At ServiceMaster by Fuson, we use the Esporta Wash System. The powerful Esporta Wash system is an industry-changing and technological leap forward. It is capable of cleaning contents affected by smoke, soot, and other harmful carcinogens. Instead of traditional agitation cleaning; The Esporta utilizes the Hydraulic Action process. The Hydraulic Action process utilizes chambers, or pockets, held in place, and rotated. Proprietary detergents and water complete this patented and revolutionary cleaning process, guaranteeing the best and safest cleaning.

To find out more about our Firefighter Uniform Cleaning Process, Contact ServiceMaster by Fuson today. (989) 220-1392

firefighter uniform cleaning | ServiceMaster by Fuson
fire truck cleaning | ServiceMaster by Fuson

Fire Truck Cleaning

Each vehicle will be cleaned with a HEPA vacuum, wiped with a chemical sponge, then finely detailed utilizing an EPA approved decontaminant, removing all hazardous contaminants. All of this can be done on-site, for your convenience.

To find out more about our Fire Truck Cleaning Process, Contact ServiceMaster by Fuson today. (989) 220-1392

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Independent, third-party, analysis shows that our wash System restores 90% of soft contents to food-grade clean. To achieve these results, we utilize a specially designed synergistic blend of detergents.

The propriety detergent and system recipes are engineered specifically to optimize the cleaning application, and each recipe is backed by an independent laboratory validation.

While the system utilizes a detergent that is lethal to contamination, it is kind to our planet. All of the detergents used are free from hazardous phosphates and solvents. They are thereby more sustainable than the detergents used in other cleaning processes.

As a result, your Firefighter equipment is safe for use.

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