Contents Restoration

Utilizing ServiceMaster by Fuson’s Specialized wash system, we’re able to restore articles of value, sentimental and priceless articles that people have lost due to some sort of calamity. Flood, fire – whatever the disaster – we’re able to restore soft contents that were previously considered lost.

What was once lost can now be restored and that makes people happy. In the midst of their disaster, people take comfort knowing that their lives can be put back together

Precious articles that are treasured part of their everyday lives can be returned to them in short order.

Our cleaning system works for many applications:

  • Schools (sports team uniforms and equipment)
  • Hospitals
  • Fire Department (Gear and Safety PPE – Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Athletic Departments
  • Marching Bands
  • EMT’s
  • Realtors (tie cleaning costs to the sale of the house)
  • Uniform Companies
  • Equipment Cleaning (ie. inside hockey gloves needs to be sanitized – bacteria inside hockey gloves led to a mersa outbreak)
  • Consignment Shops (high end)
  • Estate Sales
  • Auction Companies
  • Theater Groups for costumes
  • Adjusters
  • Insurance Agents
smoke damage restoration | ServiceMaster by Fuson

Better than Dry Cleaning since dry cleaning has a 40% success rate and this is an 88% success rate. Dry Cleaning has chemicals that are dangerous to the skin. Call for details (989) 220-1392

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What Kinds of Damage and Contamination Can We Restore?

Items with:

  • Cat 1, 2 and 3 water damage
  • Heavy smoke and soot
  • Mold and bio waste contaminated goods


  • Leather goods; Shoes, Purses, Jackets
  • Laundry Items
  • Household goods – sleeping bags, pillows, comforters, stuffed animals
  • Unique items – dolls, flags, sporting equipment
  • And Much More!

Patented Hydraulic Action Wash System

Our wash system utilizes hydraulic action to force both organic and inorganic contaminants out of the objects to be cleaned. The force applied can be compared to the force of waves crashing against the sand on a beach.

This system is specially designed, scientifically tested and patented.

Due to this technology, the system restores 90% of soft contents damaged by odor, soot, grime, mold, and mildew.

Other traditional washing machines work on a basic principle of using the mechanical energy of an agitator, paddle or tumbling action to wash. This inefficient method predates the Second World War.

esporta wash system | ServiceMaster by Fuson
environmentally safe cleaning | ServiceMaster by Fuson

Environmentally Friendly

Independent, third-party, analysis shows that our wash system restores 90% of soft contents to food-grade clean. To achieve these results, we utilize a specially designed synergistic blend of detergents.

The propriety detergent and system recipes are engineered specifically to optimize the cleaning application, and each recipe is backed by an independent laboratory validation.

While the wash system utilizes detergent that is lethal to contamination, it is kind to our planet. All of the detergents used are free from hazardous phosphates and solvents. They are thereby more sustainable than the detergents used in other cleaning processes.

Items That Have Been Restored Using Our System

content restoration services | ServiceMaster by Fuson

The Esporta Wash System

water damage shoe | ServiceMaster by Fuson
restored stuffed animal Mt. Pleasant | ServiceMaster by Fuson
damaged toy restoration company | ServiceMaster by Fuson
damaged toy restoration | ServiceMaster by Fuson
water damaged fabric cleaning | ServiceMaster by Fuson
clothing restoration | ServiceMaster by Fuson
smoke damage clothing restoration | ServiceMaster by Fuson
baseball team equipment cleaning | ServiceMaster by Fuson
water damaged boot restoration | ServiceMaster by Fuson
fur coat restoration | ServiceMaster by Fuson
firefighter uniform cleaning | ServiceMaster by Fuson

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